Ministry of Economic Development: Russia does not rule out the mirror measures in case of imposing of sanctions by the U.S. and EU

полит 2

Russia does not rule out the introduction of mirror measures in case if U.S. and EU impose sanctions against Russia, told reporters Deputy Economic Development Minister Alexei Likhachev.

He noted that Russia was ready for any consequences regarding the introduction of sanctions against the country.

Earlier, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of the U.S. Congress approved a bill that would impose sanctions on Russia. The document, in particular, condemned Russian “unjustified military intervention” in Crimea.

The bill gives the U.S. administration the power to take economic measures against the Russian and Ukrainian officials involved, according to U.S. lawmakers, into corruption and human rights violations in Ukraine, as well as against those responsible for the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the republic.

This implies a ban on the entry of these people in the U.S. and freezing their U.S. accounts.

In addition, the European Commission launched a preliminary preparation of possible sanctions against Russia, although the decision on their introduction has not been made yet.

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