Baltic Fleet naval aviation fighters conducted combat firings at air targets

полит 4

Crews of Su-27s of naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet (BF) conducted combat firings at air targets, simulating conditional enemy’s aircraft, said Thursday the head of the department of information support of the press service of the Western Military District for the BF Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyev.

According to him, missile launches at aviation targets were performed by crews of Fighter Squadron of the BF naval aviation airbase. “As part of the planned flights, the pilots had to find a target themselves at a distance of several kilometers using thermal and visual imaging, to hit it, and maneuvering to get away from retaliation,” – said Matveev, noting that pilots practiced the individual firings as well as pair firings both in the daytime and at night.

The launches were carried out in a well-defined area for aerial gunnery – above the sea polygon of the Baltic Fleet.

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